I’ve left this too long – it’s four months since I wrote a blog entry here and I intended to post at least once a month. I meant to but I didn’t make the effort necessary. You know when you ask someone to do something or come somewhere and they say, “I’ll try…”? They intend to do it – they want to come – but are not making any promises. They might get a better offer, not feel like it, forget, be too busy. Not really good enough though is it? To try means to make an attempt or effort.

Something I’m attempting to do at the moment is to change my lifestyle. Change takes effort. The path of least resistance is inertia, the status quo. For as long as ‘the norm’ is safe, familiar and comfortable or at least doesn’t actually hurt too much, it’s the path to follow, it’ll do. It’s what I do - it may not be ideal, or even what I want, but it’s what I have – and I have a lot that’s just fine.

So… why change – and what, when and how? Because needs must – and I must work as I need income, now, by whatever means possible. It’s not a question of ‘trying’ because it’d be fun, interesting, different. It’s about having an idea, making effort, taking action and creating opportunities. One thing really does lead to another, as long as that thing involves doing. I’ve been meaning to call you… I was about to text you… we must get together… I really should… I need to… I think I might try to… Good – yes – ok – go ahead.

I left it longer than my good intentions. I forgive me. It’s done and like any self-respecting procrastinator, I’m glad.

making an effort

making an effort