self portrait with numbers

self portrait with numbers

Welcome - and thanks for your interest

I've taken pictures since I was five. It's a fascination, a delight, a bit magical. Freezing split seconds, bottling fleeting moments, capturing the blink of an eye - composition a visual form of selective memory and offering a different perspective.

It’s my privilege to notice, honour and convey the humble magnificence or enigmatic simplicity of what I see.

That’s how I see it.

Photographs connect viewer with subject visually through the photographer’s eyes. What you ‘hear’ and feel, is influenced by how the subject is represented - like a tone of voice. Whilst the images here are eclectic, my hope and vision is that my pictures will collectively tell cohesive stories over time.

For the day job, I'm a freelance design professional with a track record in education, advertising, communication and interactive learning design. I've collaborated on hundreds of projects across many and various industry sectors, primarily developing cogent, highly visual design specifications and storyboards.

With long-standing aspirations to be a painter, jazz musician and author, I have faith and live in hope. Charity will also be considered.


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